Government Fraud – Whistleblowers

Don’t Be Afraid To Blow The Whistle!

Last updated on July 23, 2020

Employees who believe their employers are engaging in illegal conduct often fear that reporting the situation to the proper authority or refusing to take part in it will jeopardize their employment and benefits.

The federal False Claims Act not only protects but generously rewards employees who report fraud by their employers against the government.

Fraudulent practices include: overcharging the Government for services, not providing services as agreed or represented – for example, a pharmacy chain charging Medicaid for 100 pills, but only providing 90 on a routine and regular basis; covering/hiding faulty/defective workmanship on government jobs; endangering public safety; violating clean air or water laws, and numerous other types of fraud and deceptions committed by corporations against the government.

We can shield reporting employees (“whistleblowers”) from retaliation and obtain substantial amounts of money for employees who report their employers for wrongdoing against the government.