Class Action

Labor Violation And Employee Benefit Violation Class Actions

Last updated on July 23, 2020

The Downey Law Firm represents workers in class actions against greedy employers in all industries and all states around the U.S., seeking to recover unpaid wages, negligently invested 401K monies and other matters for workers against some of America’s largest corporations.

Many companies routinely and deliberately violate labor laws by failing to provide their employees proper meal and rest breaks and failing to pay overtime, knowing that the claims are too costly to pursue on behalf of individual employees and thus laughing all the way to the bank on the backs of their employees.

Moreover, even if an individual were to sue and win, the amount paid by the employer would not be enough to make that employer to change their conduct, as the employer will make more money by continuing to cheat its employees out of wages, benefits and rest breaks.

Class actions allow for a procedure which places the employees on an equal footing with employers and allows the employees to sue and win damages, which will not only recover the stolen monies which were stolen/not paid, but will persuade employers to change their policies and to pay and treat their employees in compliance with the law.

Typical class action lawsuits for labor violations include claims for:

  • Missed meal breaks and rest breaks.
  • Not paying employees for pre and post-production work activities, such as showering (Battery plant employees, Miners Chemical plant employees), putting on protective equipment, cleaning equipment, walking time (in large plants), waiting time, taking off protective equipment, making boxes, general clean up activities, etc.
  • Charging employees for work equipment and tools.
  • Paying employees with a check that you must pay a fee to cash.
  • Making employees pay for their uniforms.
  • Not paying employees for business miles that they drive in their cars.
  • Not paying for travel time while on the job or to/from distant locations.
  • Paying bonuses to employees and not paying overtime on that bonus.
  • Not paying for company meetings.
  • Misclassifying employees as salaried rather than hourly to avoid paying overtime wages. Employers Improperly investing 401(k) accounts of their employees. Mass layoffs or closing of plants without 60-day notice, also known as WARN Act cases.

If you feel that you have a case for any of the above or any other labor violation that is widespread at your current or former employer, then please contact us for a free consultation, at 610-470-5111.